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Who Am I?

My name is David Sheridan and I am based in Reading, near London. I translate texts of all kinds from Russian into English and have been an active translator since 1989. Together with Russian natives working from English into Russian, I can provide a comprehensive solution to your Russian-English translation needs. I work for many translation agencies in the UK and have undertaken assignments for many leading companies and organisations, including the Manchester Business School, Cable & Wireless, Racal Electronics plc, Middlesex University, the Royal College of Nursing, and others.

Output can be delivered as hard copy by post, by fax, e-mail or direct modem, and on diskette or ZIP disk (the latter with a surcharge).

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I offer very competitive rates from GBP60-80 per 1,000 words, depending on the size and complexity of the job involved.
Rates for interpreting are negotiable.
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Other Languages

Other languages
With associates, I can also offer services in other languages, particularly Belarusian, Ukrainian and Kazakh, as well as the more mainstream Western European languages such as French, Italian, German, Spanish and so on. Please contact me for details.
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Comments and Offers

If you have any comments, would like more information, or if you have an assignment to offer and would like a quotation, please contact me at david@davira.demon.co.uk or telephone me on the number below.

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Links and Hints

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Contact Information

E-mail address: david@davira.demon.co.uk

Telephone: 07757 557 951

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